The Farm School Program

The Farm School Program is located approximately 20 kilometres from Saskatoon. It is a referral-based high school program designed to meet the individual needs of “at-risk” students. The Farm School Program serves mainly grade 9-11 students and offers regular credits. A significant goal of the program is to facilitate the return of the student to their home school.

Benefits of the program include:

  • smaller class sizes with a 10-1 student-teacher ratio, with additional support staff to meet individual needs,
  • the opportunity for students to obtain credits and work toward a return to their home school,
  • an opportunity for students to participate in a counselling component of the program,
  • transportation to and from school,
  • a school day in in a calm, structured environment,
  • a peaceful, positive learning environment in a rural setting,
  • students having the opportunity to learn life skills through: landscaping, gardening, operating and repairing equipment and tools, caring for animals, photography, cooking and fine arts skills.

Drone video courtesy of Murray Wilson.

The Farm School Program Testimonials


What did you like most at the Farm School?

  • I liked the fact that students and teachers became almost like a closely knit family. It gave me my self- confidence back. It was great!
  • I liked the teachers. They give a lot of help to their students.


Most important things our children learned at the Farm School?

  • Respect for authority, perseverance, good character traits were developed — trust, honesty. My son made a complete u-turn in his life. Don’t stop working with the animals or doing works of charity for the underprivileged.
  • Learning how to study. Learning respect for others and themselves. It’s too bad all students don’t get the benefits of the Farm School.