Columbus Bosco Saskatoon

Columbus Bosco Homes was incorporated on May 16, 1989 as a non-profit society. The organization’s name has been updated to COLUMBUS BOSCO SASKATOON (2022). The reason for the name change is to more accurately reflect the services that are provided and where the organization is located.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to enhance the lives of children, adolescents and families by providing hope, education, skills and support.

Columbus Bosco Saskatoon, in partnership with Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools, provides a Farm School Program for high school students and Family Learning Centres-Parent/Tot Program for pre-school children and their parents.


Columbus Bosco Homes is incorporated as a non-profit society.
Superintendent Chris Sarich and Bosco President Roman Bergerman finalize a partnership agreement with St. Paul’s R.C.S.S.D. #20, leading to the establishment of the Farm School. Columbus Bosco Homes purchases a beautiful 80 acre riverfront property complete with a spacious home and all the facilities needed for a school. The school opens in September 1993 with 2 classrooms and 20 students. Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools provides 2 classroom teachers and 2 teacher assistants responsible for developing the program, supervision of students and care of the the grounds. Columbus Bosco Homes provides the land and facilities.
The Family Learning Program, initiated and developed by Elaine Zakreski, Early Childhood Consultant, opens with one centre at St. John School.
2009 The Substance Abuse Awareness Program (S.A.A.P.) is added to the Farm School.
2010- present Over the history of the organization, many improvements and changes have been made to both programs and facilities. The name Columbus Bosco Homes has been updated to Columbus Bosco Saskatoon (2022). The Family Learning Program has become the Family Learning Centres-Parent/Tot Program (2019) and has expanded to all quadrants of the city. This attests to the need and success of the work that parent facilitators and child-care workers are doing. The needs of children and adolescents are continually changing. Our organization, programs and staff have been able to meet the diverse needs of children, youth and families.